over 3 years ago

COVID Global Hackathon 2.0: Social and Mental Health


Hey everyone,

When we all convened for the COVID-19 Global Hackathon 1.0 back in March, the problems caused for people by COVID-19 were just beginning to form and we were all just starting to adjust. The last few months have made it very clear COVID-19 is not going away.

There's reason to be very worried for what's next:

  • Adults are three times more likely to report that they're in severe psychological distress. [1]

  • 94% of COVID-19 deaths are of people aged 45+ in New York [2]

  • People of color are being killed by COVID-19 at 6-10 times the rate

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almost 4 years ago

Site for Selected Projects

Sorry for the typo regarding the selected projects site!

You can find the fucntioning selected project site here.

almost 4 years ago

#BuildforCOVID19 Results & Next Steps

Hey all,

Thanks so much for contributing in such innovative and meaningful ways through the projects you submitted in the #BuildforCOVID19 Global Online Hackathon. 

It’s been awe-inspiring watching this community of over 18,000 developers come together to help solve some of the many challenges related to coronavirus (COVID-19). Before we get to the ‘Highlighted projects’ selected by our judges, let’s take a look at what you’ve all achieved.

Your impact in numbers

  • Participation
    • 18,926 hackathon participants from over 175 countries
  • Collaboration 
    • 6400 participated in ourSlack community, with buzzing channels for networking, ideation, resources and more
    • 4,148 ‘team up’ requests
  • Innovation

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almost 4 years ago

Covid-19 Global Hackathon Ending & Beginning


I am overwhelmed by what just happened in a few short days. From an initial set of participants in the silicon valley community, this hack became an effort by over 18,000 participants around the globe who created and submitted more than 1,500 projects.

It is so deeply clear that there is so much energy that the global tech community is ready, willing, and able to help in this crisis -- and so so many great ideas out there in terms of how to help.

I could wax poetic on this for a while, but I will keep this brief

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almost 4 years ago

Deadline extended to 9:30am PDT

Hi all, we've briefly extended the deadline to 9:30am PDT for anyone with last minute changes. Please ensure only one teammate is updating your submission.

almost 4 years ago

Counting down

Hey everyone,

Well, here we are - it’s the final countdown!

We know that many of you will still be heads-down adding those last touches to your projects, but we wanted to share a few quick reminders as you race towards the finish line.

Deadline reminder

Submissions close at 9am PST tomorrow/Monday March 30. As Adam flagged yesterday, we recommend submitting your current draft as a final submission now, because you can always edit it again right up until the deadline.

Picking a submission type

When getting ready to share your final project, remember to pick a ‘submission type’. As

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almost 4 years ago

Day 3 Wrap Up

Hey everyone,

Wow, has Day 3 nearly wrapped already?

Thanks so much for driving such awesome energy and momentum throughout the hackathon so far. 


We’re now getting towards that really exciting stage when it’s time to start submitting your projects.

No matter what stage you’re at in your project, it’s important to shift into submission gear (including moving ‘draft’ projects to ‘final’) for a few reasons:

  1. Uploaded submissions provide visibility into your project via our Submissions page, which can help you connect with feedback, ideas and insights from fellow participants

  2. Submissions remain editable (including the video links)

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almost 4 years ago

Day 2 Wrap Up

Hey everyone,

What a day of building! We’re loving the inspiration and collaboration we’re seeing right throughout this impactful community.

Live speaker series

Today, we kicked off a series of live webinars to help provide context on the COVID-19 pandemic, ramp you up on project planning and offer support with technical tips.

We started with a fireside chat between Sam Lessin of Slow Ventures (a fellow organizer of this hackathon) in conversation with Cori Zarek and Raylene Yung of US Digital Response.

(Recording in case you missed.)

Next up, a member of the Hack Club student coding initiative

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almost 4 years ago

Hackathon Live Streams You Won't Want to Miss

Hey everyone,

There are two live conversations with amazing speakers happening today. We encourage all of you to tune-in & participate!
1) 11 AM PST: Kick-Off with the US Digital Response Team
Sam Lessin (co-organizer of the hackathon) will be hosting both Raylene Yung & Cori Zarek (co-founders of U.S. Digital Response) for a conversation about the COVID-19 Global Hackathon and what their organization is prioritizing in responding to the COVID-19 Crisis. The U.S. Digital Response Team has created a platform to match vetted, high-quality volunteers and trusted services/tools with government groups at all levels who are in need to…

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almost 4 years ago

Day 1 Wrap Up

Hey everyone,

Wow, what a start! We’re so thrilled that more than 10,000 innovators have come together to #BuildforCOVID19. With hundreds of projects already submitted we are off to a great start!

As the first day comes to a close, we wanted to share a few notes on:

(1) Some programming we have planned for Friday.

(2) What to do if you need help on your next step.

Happening Tomorrow, Friday March 27th:

Stay tuned to #hackathon-announcements channel for all the latest updates on what to expect on Day 2.  We will be letting you know about events as they

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almost 4 years ago

How To Request Help & View Projects


We hope you are off a great start on brainstorming and hacking. A couple of quick updates below intended to help people request help, team up, and view already submitted projects.

  • Need Help or Looking for a Teammate?
    • Please fill out the Project Help Questionnaire to request help on your project.
    • All help requests will be automatically updated in the Project Help Doc, where you can find people to team up with and help out. 

  • Project Submissions Live
    • All submitted projects are now live on the Submissions Tab! You can filter and view all submitted projects using…

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almost 4 years ago

Kickoff for the Covid-19 Global Hackathon (Key Information)

Hello Team Covid-19 Global Hackathon!

As you probably know, tomorrow at 9am PST is the kickoff of the #BuildforCOVID19 Global Online Hackathon.  Submissions will be open then and we will be off to the races—working on projects until the submission deadline Monday morning.

Before the event officially starts, I want to talk about two things:

  • First, I want to briefly set the stage for some of our goals as a community and what we hope to accomplish.  
  • Second, I want to offer some tactical guidance around how the next few days will work & how to get the most out

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