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over 3 years ago

COVID Global Hackathon 2.0: Social and Mental Health


Hey everyone,

When we all convened for the COVID-19 Global Hackathon 1.0 back in March, the problems caused for people by COVID-19 were just beginning to form and we were all just starting to adjust. The last few months have made it very clear COVID-19 is not going away.

There's reason to be very worried for what's next:

  • Adults are three times more likely to report that they're in severe psychological distress. [1]

  • 94% of COVID-19 deaths are of people aged 45+ in New York [2]

  • People of color are being killed by COVID-19 at 6-10 times the rate of others [3]

  • Over the next few days, 60% of states will likely lift moratoriums on evictions even though unemployment is around 20% [4]

Now that we all know what living in the COVID-19 era is like and how differently it affects others, The COVID Technology Task Force and collaborators at AARP, IBM, SAS, Twilio, Headspace, and many more are pleased to invite you and your colleagues to join COVID Global Hackathon 2.0 to find a way out. 

July 3rd - July 12th, you will be able to consult with a panel of experts from social and health nonprofits during scheduled open office hours. Public companies and startups with expertise in software programming, machine learning, design, and hardware will also be on call to help you build your solutions. 

We are thankful to our many great partners and collaborators including Vibrant Emotional Health, Foster America, Brilliant Corners, and the NYU Alliance for Public Interest Technology. Nonprofit collaborators will be serving as expert guides and mentors for product developers and engineers, and will help participants understand the vulnerable populations they will serve including Seniors, the Homeless, and those facing Domestic Violence.  

This effort has been organized by industry experts who will provide mentorship and review submissions including:

> Visit the DevPost Page

> Join The Hackathon Slack Workspace

> Have any Questions? Email Danny Friday @

We hope to see you there!