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almost 4 years ago

Hackathon Live Streams You Won't Want to Miss

Hey everyone,

There are two live conversations with amazing speakers happening today. We encourage all of you to tune-in & participate!
1) 11 AM PST: Kick-Off with the US Digital Response Team
Sam Lessin (co-organizer of the hackathon) will be hosting both Raylene Yung & Cori Zarek (co-founders of U.S. Digital Response) for a conversation about the COVID-19 Global Hackathon and what their organization is prioritizing in responding to the COVID-19 Crisis. The U.S. Digital Response Team has created a platform to match vetted, high-quality volunteers and trusted services/tools with government groups at all levels who are in need to provide timely and critical help with the COVID-19 crisis. 
(Live stream here!)
2) 1:00 PM PSTAsk-Me-Anything with Chris Cox
Hack Club will be hosting an Ask-Me-Anything conversation with Chris Cox, former Head of Product at Facebook. Hosted by one of their teenage hackers, Claire Wang, this is a conversation with live audience Q + A that you won't want to miss. Hack club is a nonprofit network of after-school, student-led computer science clubs that collectively represent the most technically talented teenagers in the US. 
(Live stream here!)

Please share with anyone else you know who would be interested in tuning in using #BuildforCOVID19 :)