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failed to submit (first due to missed button, next failed to see in time it was prolonged)

Hi guys.
first of all, thanks for organizing hackathon
thats good part.
bad one is that though i put 15 minutes aside for submission, started doing this at 8.45 (16:45 london time), i failed to find any "submit" button or "submit form" anywhere . i looked through all pages. 15 minutes seems small amount of time, but not to press one button or fill one form, however i failed. at 9:15 i gave up and went eating as i was too focused on building my project and didn't eat since morning (its 17:15 london time). at 9:32 (17:32) i come to know that deadline was extended. and i missed it by 2minutes.

so unfortunately i failed to submit project i worked on.

here is it
may be you'll be able to help me.

if not, i just want to share the idea, which seems to be important for me. All lockdowns and quarantine measures are introduced based on models which approximate number of real cases having number of detected cases plus number of death. This approximations aren't very exact. Imperial college of london and Oxford university differs in their approximations 10 times (Oxforders think half of UK population is already infected with no or mild symptoms).
So its crucial to get field data about real people health status, symptoms and so on.
There are some mobile apps for that, requiring people to fill data daily. however people constantly forget about this. and moreover they don't want to clutter mobile with yet another app.
simple response to it is bot. facebook messenger, telegram, whatsapp, whatever messengers are there. no installation required, just agree to receive daily questionaries and respond to bot about your health. it'll gather everything and provide scientists with all necessary data.

Thats what i build. alpha-mode, but working already.

if you find this important as well, let me know, i can try to develop it further and contact all authorities to provide gathered infor for them


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    Hey Dmytro. Following up here via our chain!

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    I seem to be in a similar boat. I thought I had submitted, by my project isn't showing up in the submissions. Have I missed something?

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