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What happen if a proof of concept get higlighted?

Hello, I represent a team that would like to submit an Idea of an application that can help identify possible contacts with infected people and other utility to fight isolation and lack of income due to lockdown.

we would like to present a video that explains how the app works and what it can do.

this is an app that will require a couple of months to be built and does not only rely on Covid but on any possible future pandemic crisis.

Question is, what happens if our idea gets highlighted,

1) will the team members be responsible for the implementation? ( we hope so)
2) can we have access to any funding or help to support the implementation
3) I understand that the prize consist in highlight but what happens if ( by any chance) we win the contest but then have no possibility to implement it due to lack of resources and contact?
4) after the submission of a proof of concept how long is required for the implementation to happen?

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  • Manager   •   over 3 years ago

    Hey Matteo -

    More to come on this, but our goal is to connect as many people & projects as possible to resources to support their projects!

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