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Facebook APIs access Approval takes more time than the whole Hackathon [PLEASE HELP]

We have concept of a Service which uses Facebook Pages information for businesses. And it appears that Facebook APIs approval takes more time in approval than overall time of hackathon.

And most importantly, why would Facebook requires explicit approval to access public information of any business page? As business pages are meant to advertise business presence and trying to reach more people.

If anyone can advise on quick access of "Page Public Metadata Access" and "Page Public Content Access" APIs without tedious, slow and now paused approval process, i would be eternally grateful.

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Gohar -

    The permission that is in question is PPCA. You will not be able to get the permission approved within a very short period of time (~approx 19 hours left) due to reduced capacity in review and also that being a more sensitive permission that usually takes longer review time.

    The recommendation is as follows:
    Page Public Content Access
    Allows read-only access to public data on Pages for which you lack the manage_page login permission. Readable data includes business metadata, public comments, and posts.
    While you are testing your app and before you submit it for review, your app can only access content on a Page for which the following is true: The person who holds the admin role for the Page also holds an admin, developer, or tester role on the app. If you want the app to be able to access public content on other Pages, you must submit this feature for review. Once you set your app to live mode, it will not be able to see any Page public content without this feature.

    Allowed Usage
    Provide aggregated, anonymized public content for competitive analysis and benchmarking

    For the purpose of the hackathon, you can just put the app in development mode and test/demonstrate your concept on a couple of pages that you own. You don’t need to use pages that you don’t own for this hackathon. Hope that helps

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