•   almost 4 years ago

Free unlimited CPU, RAM & GPU for running your Jupyter Notebooks

Good to see 10K plus participating in this Hackathon. This gives me tremendous confidence that the world is working hard to find a solution for this global pandemic.

In support, BlobCity is offering its cloud infrastructure to anyone who desires to use it for the cause. You can use our highest plan, including all features, completely free of cost for as long as you need. Let's all collectively put COVID-19 behind us.

Register here https://blobcity.com/blobcity-cloud.html. Once you are in kindly initiate a chat with support and mention that you are part of the "COVID-19 Global Hackathon". They will immediately upgrade you.

p.s. I am the Founder & Chief of Products @ BlobCity. I would be happy to answer any questions you have.


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