•   over 3 years ago

I am looking for team mates to help with a project

Hi, i am building mobile app 'Reach Out' using XAMARIN (Andriod, IOS and UWP), Firebase for back end and a punch of google services. I have built the minimal viable product but i could do with some help with front end design, ios development for the IPhone app 'having someone to develop the ios app customisation will save me a lot of time setting up a dev environment'. and potentially cloud infrastructure in case Firebase is too expensive and i need to migrate the back end to a different platform. I am going to submit the app for this hackathon but regardless I am going to release it in the UK end of next week once i have contacted some local charities and volunteers groups.

Please message me here, email hazemfayyad@hotmail.com or drop me a line on LinkedIn for more details, please include some information about any relevant experience,


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