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Testing & Alerts Tool

I'd like to share a solution that AmericanEHR has devised to map COVID-19 testing sites as well as to provide links to assessment tools and public health alerts from trustworthy sources. While we know that COVID-19 test sites are not readily available yet, they will be, and then it will be a monumental task to assess and prioritize everyone for testing.

You can view a presentation of the tool here: https://adobe.ly/2wEJTlI

Our solution is rapid due to the fact that we are leveraging two of our existing tools: AmericanEHR Health Alerts & Pooch.pet.

We're working around the clock to have the tool ready for soft launch on Friday (March 27, 2020). Although the technology is nearly ready for release, there is still a tremendous amount of work needing to be completed:

-We need to find the best sources of information on where test sites are and what assessments are required (we're calling on as many volunteers to help with this as possible)
-We need to get the word out rapidly as time is so crucial
-We need additional resources and/or funding to meet demand

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) testing broadly is highly critical to be able to identify and isolate people with the COVID-19 Coronavirus—this is how we flatten the curve.

I'm hoping that everyone can help us get the word out when we're ready—probably first thing next week. If you have contacts that can help us identify testing sites, all the better.


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