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Emergency Response System

COVID-19 has exposed a larger gap in the emergency response system in the US.
I was thinking about creating a smarter EMS system, by using cellphones as the platform. One of the hardest things to do during an emergency is to communicate relief areas, and then control traffic at each of those areas. I figure mobile technology solves both of those issues if done correctly. With an app installed on a phone for emergency situations, a person could receive basic notifications and locations of places to go in case of an emergency. In the background the app could keep re prioritizing locations based on inflow of civilians to a location, to lessen demand constraints. Here is what I'm thinking
1. Civilian facing app. This posts basic information to assist populations that are in need.
a. Notifications from local officials on response coordination, and things being done.
b. Shelter locations, this list changes based on current location, and offers a mapping functionality to it to help people get there
c. Food locations - same as above
d. Medical locations - same as above, but maybe have another end that helps users self triage their problem so they go to the most relevant location
e. Emergency response communication - this would be greater then 911 since it's location based. Once again to relieve stress on the basic EMS.

2. App for FEMA - Really this would be just to update each of those fields as mobile stations come on or go off line.

3. In the background create a demand system that helps predict supply needs based on GPS information about how many people are at a location or moving to a location.

I don't have the ability to put a fully functional system together, but just some small apps and a presentation. If anyone is interested in helping please let me know.


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