•   over 1 year ago

A way to link doctors with people who can help make/provide emergency medical supplies.

We have all been inspired by stories of companies with 3D printers creating vital equipment for ventilators in Italy. I know that some doctors are crafting face shields using office supplies. I have already seen calls like this going out in facebook messages. We need to make these solutions widely available and allow anyone capable of helping to join in.

We could make a website that will allow you to enter a medical item required and then list the required materials, skills and tools required to make them. Instructions on how to make the item and a way to test it to prove the quality is good enough. It would be best if we could have some medical expertise to vet items on the page.

We would also allow people or companies to put down their list of materials, equipment and skills.

Medical professionals in need of supplies would be able to notify people/companies in the area of what supplies or equipment they are in need of. We would be linking together the people who desperately need supplies with people who can produce those supplies.

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