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Mobile App to track COVID-10 symptoms

One of the greatest challenges of fighting COVID-19 is to test large parts of the population and to isolate COVID-19 infected so they don't infect others. As most countries don't have enough testing capacities the number of unreported cases is huge. However if one knows the number of people in the population which have COVID-19 symptons, one can estimate the number of infected. Based on that number, a country is able to adapt its testing strategy.

The idea is, that people are able to self report symptoms (like cough) using a mobile app. This data is stored anonymized in a database. The database itself is released to public on a daily basis. Based on that data, scientists are able to make their analysis and draw their conclusions.

To realize this idea, we need:
* People which are able to build mobile apps
* People which are knowledge about data security and anonymization
* People which are knowledgeable about big data and how to store lots of data
* Infrastructure to host the database
* Datascientists which are able to give hints in what way to store the data best for analysis
* Medical Scientists to give hints how to build the app correctly
* Social Scientists who know how to create a questionaire
* Gamers to build the app with a gamification sense in mind
* UX Designers to make the appealing

... and of course we need YOU!

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