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Anyone want to do something around music + livestreaming for the entertainment track?

I’ve got an idea for the entertainment theme; It’s called Who’s Live Right Now and it’s metasearch for livestreams. WLRN is a tool to find live streams artists are doing on their own channels. Focused on concerts/music first but could extend to other categories. I have the URL and landing page up here: http://whosliverightnow.com. I’m looking for other “music is life” ppl, esp a dev familiar with social media APIs (Twitch, Insta, FB, and YouTube, as well as Spotify). Also interaction/UX design to make the experience smooth, simple and engaging. Music is everything to me and these livestreams have been lifesavers for me personally. I’d love to build a tool that layers across all live platforms to help us connect with all these great musicians/artists/DJs going live!


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    Hey there! Were you able to find any other teammates? I’m definitely interested. I could help with interaction/UX design. Let me know! And I hope you’re taking care.

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    I knew this hackerson last Friday and interested in this project. It seems the project is not going well, but I hope some prototype made before the deadline. Simply gathering streaming sites and movies with special hashtag of this project and listing up them would do much in this situation.
    I wonder there is a donation button in the site, which would show how to donate soldme money to the artist, or would send a money using (for example) PayPal. It will help artists with no income due to cancellation of his/her performance stage.
    In Tokyo, how to let people (esp. young people) stop going out is the urgent problem. Your project has great means. It is difficult for me to use APIs in one days, but some help in user interface design.

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