Manager   •   5 months ago

Looking for teammates?

If you're looking for teammates, feel free to check out the Participants tab where you can share your skills, interests, and idea(s). You're also free to post here!


  •   •   5 months ago

    How do we add someone to our team?

  •   •   5 months ago

    Add me to your team please

  •   •   5 months ago

    Looking for regional marketers all over the globe for promoting Food Map and standalone local delivery services.

  • Manager   •   5 months ago

    You don't need to create a team before you create a project. You form a team however you like (either with people you know, or by looking on the participants tab and finding a project idea you like). Then when you're ready to submit your project, you add your teammates on the project form. After you submit your project, you can continue to update it until the deadline.

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