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Database to help global supply chain triage

The current idea is to create a database or "DeepPool" to house/store all the supply needs on a per hospital basis (masks, gloves, tests, respirators). This would be registered by the hospitals.
Then use a learning algorithm based on infection rates, recovery timelines, population, age, gender, ect to determine what supplies should go where to make the most impact and save the most lives.
This could be pushed further with a partnership with the manufacturers to help them gauge which factories in what cities need to ramp up production, or which can ramp down based on geography and need. This allows them to repurpose the factory to produce something else which that area or areas need which will provide a more tangible impact.

Please let me know if you would like to collaborate!


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    I would be interested in collaborating! I'm a data scientist, I've worked with data to help pinpoint problem areas previously, such as with Tanzania water pumps. Let me know how I can help!

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    I'd like to participate!
    I have some knowledge of machine learning, I'd like to be part of the team.

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    I'll be nice to be among the participants of this program

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    Hi All, thank you for your interest! I'd love to talk to each of you more about the idea and how you might be able to help! Please join the slack and send me a DM! Looking forward to hearing from you

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    Hi Jason and everyone, thanks for interesting for this project, this topic is delivering very hard as many kind of type from g0v of Taiwan(https://g0v.tw/en-US/) in past two month, especially focus on mask distribution.


    Many projects build with open data here and also open source in github,
    welcome to reference infrastructure for projects,
    if have any problems, feel free to join our slack channel as below.


    If have anything need discuss, feel free to let me know, fighting!!

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    Hi Ymow Wu, thanks for sending this over. Do you have some time today to chat? I'm interested in diving deeper into what projects you're seeing success in and why?

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    I would like to take part. I have vast development experience on multiple platforms with multiple database services. Let me know if i can be of any help.

    Additionally, it can be expanded to cover some other areas.

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    Hi Jason, is your timezone is GMT-4?
    here is GMT+8, my available time is next 10 hours,
    or add me friends in facebook or twitter @ymow
    try to keep always online, may chat after you wakeup tomorrow

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    I'd love to participate, DM me on twitter @problem_halting or email me at jobaek@microsoft.com

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