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CivicTechHub - Let's flatten the curve together!

As the German government #WirVsVirus hackathon has ended, we're continuing to work on our #CivicTechHub platform that connects organisations and teams, civic technology and hackathons dedicated to combat the covid-19 crisis.

We are still looking for passionate people who want to join us: #backend (PHP, Docker), #frontend (React), #content, #design, #marketing, #video, #projectmanagement, #artists,...

See you on Slack: https://lnkd.in/dfWXTRt

CivicHubTech helps people in need of resources. CivicTechHub launched recently as an international platform connecting helpers with the right equipment and skilled tech communities around the world. Our goals are to reach out to everyone offering help in the current COVID-19 crisis and make the exchange of technology, ideas and services possible. Currently, we list initiatives from 29 countries. These are private groups, grassroots communities and government initiatives like #WirVsVirusHackathon which resulted in creating CivicTechHub last weekend. The European Commission honoured our work and rated it as "Very valuable". Our goal is strenghtening the social economy in the face of crisis and beyond. Feel free to reach out to us and list your project. We're happy to provide a central platform where people, like doctors, inventors and entrepreneurs can find communities pursuing the same goal of fighting the current worldwide situation. Together, we can flatten the curve!

Join Team CivicTechHub!
#CivicTechHub #WeStayHomeForYou

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    So happy to take part!

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